The Statute of the Croatian Standards Institute was adopted by the Administrative Board of the Croatian Standards Institute on its sessions held on 12 May and 14 June 2005 (corrected on 28 June 2010).

The Statute regulates the following:
  • Name, seat and seal of the Croatian Standards Institute (HZN),
  • Representation of HZN,
  • Activity and organizational structure of and membership in HZN,
  • Bodies of HZN, their scope of work and mode of decision-making,
  • Funding and operations, assets and liabilities,
  • Openness to the public, internal regulations,
  • Confidentiality of data,
  • Supervision of its work and other issues relevant to the work of HZN.
  • Statute of HZN (editorial consolidated version): (pdf 280k)
  • Decision on the approval of the Croatian Stadards Institute statute: (pdf 114k)