Internal organization of the Croatian Standards Institute

 - organizational units of HZN which perform the activity of HZN are the Director General’s Office, departments and subdepartments, as follows:
  1. Director General’s Office
  2. Standardization Department
  2.1. General Standardization
  2.2. Electrotechnical, Telecommunications and Information Technology Standardization
  2.3. Planning, Procedures and Control
  2.4. Technical Preparation of Standards
  3. Communications Department
  3.1. Information Management
  3.2. Standards Library
  3.3. International Cooperation and Public Relations
  3.4. IT
  3.5. Sales and Marketing
  4. Development and New Activities Department
  4.1. Publishing
  4.2. Development, Training and Certification
  5. General Administrative Services Department
  5.1. Finance and Accounting
  5.2. General Affairs