Catalogue of Croatian Standards

The Catalogue of Standards by the Croatian Standards Institute contains all the accepted normative documents.

The main section of this catalogue contains a listing of standards and standard-type documents classified by subjects.

The aim of this approach is to provide optimum possibilities for the selection of documents interrelated by their subjects as well as to provide all necessary data with regard to subject documents.

The register of fields is based on the International Classification for Standards (ICS)
The classification by subject represents a hierarchical classification, which consists of three levels. Level 1 covers broad fields of activity in standardization e.g. Road Vehicle Engineering, Agriculture, Electrical Engineering, etc. Each field contains a two-digit notation, e.g.
The fields are subdivided into groups (level 2). The notation for a group consists of the field notation and a three-digit group number separated by a point, e.g.
 29.120   Electrical accessories
The groups are further divided into sub-groups (level 3). The notation of a sub-group consists of the group notation and a two-digit number separated by a point, e.g.

 29.120.50      Fuses and other over current protection devices
Croatian standards and similar normative documents may be classified at this stage into groups and sub-groups, in accordance with the International Classification of Standards (ICS). The listing of standards classified by subjects contains the following bibliographic information:

(1) Reference number - This consists of a prefix, a serial number and the year of publication

(1)  (2) (3)  (4) (5) (6) (7)
HRN ISO 4226:1997 1. izd. pp. (hr) 6 str. (B) TO 146
Air quality - General aspects - Units of measurement

The prefix in the reference number may indicate:
(2) Edition - indicates the edition of publication
The relevant technical committees review Croatian standards at maximum intervals of five years, in order to determine their status.

(3) Acceptance of standards - pr. (by adoption)

(4) Language of the standard - Croatian Standards adopted from the standardization system of International/Regional standardizing bodies, as well as those adopted from the standardization system of other countries can be published in Croatian language, as well as in the official languages of the standardization bodies the standards have been adopted from. Language abbreviations are governed by ISO 639-1.

(5) Number of pages of the standard

(6) Price code - information on price codes is given in a separate page.

(7) Technical committee - the number of the TC refers to the technical committee responsible for the development (adoption) and maintenance of the standard.

(8) Title of the standard