Mission and Vision


Pursuant to the Standardization Act, the Croatian Standards Institute performs the following tasks:

  • prepares, adopts and publishes Croatian standards
  • promotes the application of Croatian standards
  • founds and coordinates advisory and technical bodies
  • supports implementation of technical legislation
  • provides information on national, European and international standards
  • acts as WTO/TBT inquiry point and Codex Alimentarius contact point
  • establishes, develops and maintains Croatian technical terminology
  • provides training in the field of standardization and related activities.

HZN – participant in international and European standardization
HZN's membership in international and European organizations ensures permanent availability of international and European standards in Croatia, the right to adopt them on the national level and the right of participation of Croatian representatives in the development of standards on the international and European levels.
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
CEN - European Committee for Standardization
CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute


By promoting the role and significance of standardization on the national, European and international levels and its steady development, the Croatian Standards Institute:

  • contributes to the quality and competitiveness of Croatian economy
  • facilitates entrance of quality Croatian products to the international market
  • participates in fulfilling the requirements for Croatia's EU membership and obligations that Croatia will have as EU member.


Strategic goals

  • establish a partner relation with state authorities and provide active support to the Croatian Government policies
  • adopt Croatian standards based on contemporary international and European standards
  • gather all stakeholders and promote consensus in the work of technical committees and establishing national positions in the development of European and international standards in all areas where there is an interest of the economy
  • ensure equal representation of stakeholders in HZN's governing bodies
  • gather top experts as members of technical committees
  • integrate representatives of science and R&D institutions in all HZN's activities
  • encourage active participation of Croatian representatives in international and European standardization in areas of national interest
  • encourage cooperation with the economy, particularly SMEs, chambers and associations
  • encourage participation of consumer representatives in the activities of national, European and international standardization
  • maintain collections of standards of all levels and make them available to all interested parties
  • establish and maintain data bases in accordance with the needs of the economy and state authorities
  • cooperate with other national standards bodies, particularly of the neighbouring countries
  • steadily promote use of standards
  • permanently improve information procedures
  • develop new services, e.g. training and certification of conformity to Croatian standards.