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Econometric studies have established a clear connection between standardisation in the economy, productivity, and overall economic growth. Contribution of standards to annual GDP growth is estimated at 0,3% to 1%, depending on the country in question. Nevertheless, the use of standards by SMEs and their involvement with standardisation is low.

Both SMEs and the economy more widely could benefit from SMEs being more involved in standardisation activities as standards, among other things, remove many of the obstacles for their entry into and expansion within a market, and help achieve the most effective allocation of resources in the toughest of times. Participation in standardisation processes allows businesses to exchange new knowledge, increase their profile and ensure that standards meet their needs. It can also provide early warning of new developments and requirements. Standards are therefore an essential business tool, and failure to make full use of standards and participate in standards development can inhibit industry competitiveness at individual firm, sectoral and regional levels.

Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on European standardisation, applied since 1 January 2013 (since 1 July 2013 in the Republic of Croatia), particularly stresses the importance of encouraging and engaging SMEs in the national and European standardisation processes for technological progress in the European Union. Pursuant to the Regulation, national standardisation bodies must encourage and facilitate the access of SMEs to standards and standards development processes in order to reach a higher level of participation in the standardisation system, for instance by identifying the standardisation projects which are of particular interests to SMEs; providing free access or special rates to participate in standardisation activities; providing free access to draft standards; applying special rates for the purchase of standards, etc. More about the activities of the Croatian Standards Institute for SMEs at this web site.

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